How to Connect Your FLAG Wallet to Your Royal Society Membership

As we begin to add new Web3 features to our ecosystem, you may be required to hold NFTs, Flag Coins or other FLAG related tokens in your wallet and connected to your profile to access areas that are token gated. 

Currently, you can connect your FLAG Wallet dApp to your membership profile if you are using a PC and the Google Chrome Browser with the FLAG Wallet Extension.  Unfortunately, cellphones and most Apple devices do not support Google extensions so you will need to use a PC.

The thridweb embedded wallet connected to your membership profile is still in beta testing with the tech team. It is working great, but the team wants to improve the user experience before the full release. The thirdweb embedded wallet will allow you to use a Gmail account or AppleID  to create your wallet, no need for secret keys.  This wallet, connected to your profile, will allow you to use any device.

WARNING:  If you currently have a MetaMask wallet connected to your Chrome Browser with an extenstion, you will need to deactivate it and use MetaMask on a different browser or you will experience error messages from the 2 wallets working against each other.

The Power of Web3, with Web2 UX

thirdweb Embedded Wallets.... COMING SOON!

Embedded wallets are not connected to your Flag Wallet dApp. Embedded wallets have a separate wallet addresses but can be used on any device.